One week of Eden

It’s been one week.

One week of 1-2 hour stretches of sleep at a time IF I was lucky. One week of deciding between sleeping, eating, or showering between feedings. One shower. One week of trying to figure out why she’s screaming. One week of learning how to breastfeed again. One week of staring at the miracle in front of you while she sleeps. One week of new baby smell. One week of mommy guilt as your toddler cries for you to hold him too. One week of awe as you watch the same toddler love & adore his baby sister. One week of physical pain and healing and swollen feet. One week of having lots of help and still not asking for what you need. One week of delicious meals by my Umma and Appa. One week of tears. One week of immense gratitude. One week of expanding love.

One week with our Eden.

(Eden came bursting into this world-like 3-4 pushes and that’s it!-on June 17, 2020) 💕💕

Ezra loves his baby sister

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