One Decade


Ten years since that day in which I made vows.
Vows made not to a human partner, but to a Divine One in divine community, where bread was again broken, the cup shared, a natural flow to the rhythm of my life.


3,650 days of swimming, of flapping, of wonder, of confusion, of proclaiming, of baptizing, of sitting with, of crying, of laughing until my belly hurts. 3,650 days of memories in hospital rooms of the dying and the sweet squirming of new life.
3,650 days of teenagers.


Ten years of Easter sunrise, celebrating the resurrection, and having the privilege to proclaim it again and again and again. Ten years of regular attentiveness to the Spirit movement. Ten years of hard work. Ten years of easy work. Ten years of Heart work.


It feels like a lot and yet each day it’s just a new beginning because it’s really just one.


And so may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart continue to be acceptable in Thy sight, our Rock and our Redeemer.


#ordiversary #tenyearsofministry #MinisterofWordandSacrament #grateful

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