The wedded details

“You will find, as you look back upon your life, that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.”
—Henry Drummond

(I started this post 3 weeks ago and I’m just posting it now. I just wanted to remember all of these things).

I had one year to plan a wedding… which means I had one year to pay attention to details and figure out what I wanted to do. Questions such as where I wanted to invest $$ and the places where I wanted to invest time (i.e. not spend $$)…there were a lot of details. And I LOVE the details. Even if no one notices them, I know it contributes to the whole, and thus why I care. So, I wanted to post a blog about the details of the wedding.

  1. First, my accessories. Click on each pic to see more detail about where I got them and why they are meaningful to me.

2. The DRESS: My gorgeous dress was from Trudy’s in Campbell. The service was amazing, they respected my budget, and their expertise led me to wear a dress I would have never thought to try on…and fell in love with. I never thought I’d be wearing a more form fitting lace dress on my wedding day, but it was the right dress. I knew it the second I put it on.

3. Flowers-Soooo… I LOVE real flowers, but I did not love the price of wedding flowers. I swear, it was out of control. I decided I wanted to invest $$ elsewhere and not on flowers for our wedding. So, I had a friend of mine, Gwen, MAKE the bouquets for my bridesmaids and for the groomsmen from fabric and bling.

As for my bouquet and Marion’s boutonniere, we also went the fabric flower route, but ordered them from My Vintage Wedding who I found on Etsy and is based in Australia. They were all beautiful, and I saved beaucoup bucks. PLUS, I get to keep my bouquet forever!

As for our parents, they insisted on real flowers…so when my mom found out that the price of real flowers for just the parents would cost more than all the fabric flowers for all 14 members of our wedding party, she volunteered to make them herself. The 3 roses and baby’s breath and ribbon? She bought the flowers from Costco and made them with love.

4. Our CAKE… or rather, cakes and tons of cupcakes!

Our wedding cake was from Jen’s Cakes based in Willow Glen, CA. I wanted a simple look with some kind of flourish. I bought the black ribbon and the brooches that are accenting the cake. It was a green tea cake with white chocolate mousse filling (AMAZING!) and white cake with raspberry filling. It tasted SO GOOD (yes I ate cake at my wedding!)

We also had a church reception in which we had volunteers make cupcakes of their hearts desire…and they were all GORGEOUS! People put so much love and care into each of them, and it was so apparent. We also had a beautiful coconut wedding cake for the church reception made by a church member, Emily. I won’t lie, someone saved that cake for us and I might have been found eating it throughout the following week. It was DELICIOUS.

5. HAIR & MAKEUP-Okay, I have to admit, this was one area that I wanted to invest because I’m vain and I want good hair and good makeup. I couldn’t have asked for a better stylist and makeup artist than Ann Ho from A-List MakeUp. The other truth is, I could only hire her because we had a January wedding and we got married on a Sunday, but holy crap, she was incredible. I wanted a natural look, but of course, beautiful…and I needed my hair to be up because of the opening in the back of my dress, and she just went above and beyond. She also had someone join her do hair for some of my bridesmaids who wanted that service as well. Check it out. WORTH IT! (P.S. I got that hair piece on Ebay for $2.50)

Quianna Marie Photography - PakLee2016 - Getting Ready-17-2Quianna Marie Photography - PakLee2016 - Church Reception-50-2

6. Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

I had lots of kids in our wedding because I love kids. The flower girls wore dresses I found on Etsy through ekidsbridalusa, and no lie, each dress was only about $25.00 each! That’s a steal. I had our ring bearers wear black bow tie and black suspenders and black pants and white button up top. SO CUTE.

Since I had 4 flower girls, I had two of them throwing petals out of baskets, one holding a large oversized fake flower, and the other holding a sign that said “here comes the bride.” Our older ring bearer held the ring pillow and the younger one held a sign that said “ring security.” They were so fun to watch.

7. Ceremony details-I hand made each program (I cut so much paper), had fun ribbon wands that decorated the aisles and that were used at the end of the ceremony to wave us out (cut up crepe paper and scotch tape and sticks), our guest book was a book of our engagement pictures made into a guestbook, we had ribbon decor made by an amazing church member, and the AWESOME CRANES that came from friends and family from all over the country and world! I couldn’t have asked for more… all at the beautiful church I serve at the Stone Church of Willow Glen.

8. Our evening reception was held at the beautiful Silicon Valley Capital Club in downtown San Jose. The whole story of how we ended up booking this place is a long one…but let’s just say, it was totally a “God thing” in my book. We had struggled to find a place for a long time, and through connections and timing, we ended up booking a unique venue of our dreams!

9. The details of our evening reception included the crane theme in the name cards with tables named after our favorite foods. We also had a “selfie station” with props and a selfie stick and our wedding favors were chocolate covered Oreo pops that we made at home! They were a hit! We did floating candles and pillar candles for centerpieces and kept it simple on that front. The open window views of the city at night added so much to the ambiance in the evening, so it all worked out well!

Quianna Marie Photography - PakLee2016 - Reception-1

10. Videographer-EJ from Reel-Motions was amazing! It was actually my parent’s idea to get a videographer. We hadn’t considered that, but they asked for so little and were incredibly supportive, so when they asked me and Marion to get a videographer, we had to oblige! We were so glad we made that decision! I thought it would feel like we were on a reality show with a video camera in our faces the whole day, but honestly, I hardly noticed him and his team at all! They were awesome. Here is the highlight video he made for us! We are still waiting for our “full footage” video, but after seeing the highlight, I have no doubt that we will absolutely love our full footage video!

11. Last but not least, we hired an AMAZING photographer! We had interviewed a few photographers, but knew immediately that Quianna Marie Photography would be the right fit for us. Almost all of the images you see above were taken by Quianna! She has such a bubbly personality and passion for her work and it comes through when you talk to her. She got all the major shots and all the DETAILS that I had hoped she would capture! Getting the right photographer is so important and we definitely made the right choice with Quianna.

Quianna Marie Photography - PakLee2016 - Stone Church-31

So there you have it! All the little details that equaled a beautiful, memorable, and wonderful day!