One month ago…

 “I thank my God every time I remember you, constantly praying with joy in every one of my prayers for all of you…”
(Philippians 1:3-4)

“Someone asked me today how to stop being afraid of Life & I though of you, so fierce & gentle with the people you meet & I told her what you’ve taught me: let Love guide you even in the smallest things because that is what all Life is hungry for.”
(Brian Andreas)

One month ago, Marion and I shared our vows and our love with a huge community of love and support. Before I go on, click on the link to check out our awesome 3.5 minute wedding highlight video made by our videographer EJ at Reel-Motions in the Bay Area.

Quianna Marie Photography - PakLee2016 - Bridal Portraits-82

I think the short highlight in real time really captured the essence of how fun and how special that day was for us. Of course, I’m still floating from the wonder and beauty of that day. It was cloudy and overcast the whole day, but the rain did not come pouring down until later that evening.

We have always been like this, but we noticed it more prominently in our first month of marriage-and that is how much gratitude we are verbally sharing with one another for big things and little things. I think the “noticing it” part has bounced off the incredible


Honeymooning in Maui

amount of gratitude we felt as a result of an abundance of the love and support we felt around that day. We kept turning to each other throughout the day and even throughout our honeymoon saying, “We are so blessed!” And not in the fake corny way you might imagine us saying something like, but in the way where you feel it deep in your bones and you’re kind of in awe at the love and Spirit that surrounds you.

As a result, we have noticed that we have built a relationship around gratitude, not just in the past month, but in its entirety, and we verbalize that gratitude whenever we can. I am sure some people might hear us and think it’s too much… and yet, I think for us, right now, it is what keeps us strong even in the midst of conflict. It’s amazing the distance a word of appreciation can take us.

And so, my prayer is that along with love and all that good stuff can come alongside us, that we will always manage to remember with gratitude all of the hands and hearts that came together on that day…and to always think of one another with gratitude, for the big things and the small things.

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