My speech to my BFF on her wedding day


My Maid of Honor speech for Melanie & Colby’s wedding on June 12, 2015. My BFF is married!!

My Dearest Duckadee on your wedding day: I know how you hate to cry so I thought I’d try something new. Your one instruction to me was, “don’t make me cry” so this is the way that I’m gonna try to to abide by your wishes.

You see once upon a time back in 1994, two girls met each other, and at least this girl thought to herself, “Score!” Finally a friend who understands and respects my beliefs, who has fun and is funny and weird-it was such a relief. The friendship only grew closer as the years went by with nicknames Chickadee and Duckadee-some people gave us the eye…brow raise. And even when I left the state after college, our friendship blossomed and grew in different ways. We made time and space for each other and traveled to different places, mostly tropical. We danced, ate, and drank…mostly water. And here you are now on your wedding day-holy crap, you’re married, and this guy next to you is here to stay.

IMG_6843I’ve heard so many speeches where they say, “And now here is your new best friend” but you’ve been my BFF for 21 years, and Colby, you don’t get to replace that.
Sorry, but homie don’t play that.

But, but… Colby, and this is for you…but you do get to make her happy on a daily basis and care for her when she’s happy, sick, or down in the dumps. You get to hold her hand, give her a hug or a kiss when she needs it, and remind her of how beautiful she is inside and out. It is your privilege, an honor, to love and to hold her, because this friend of mine she will always give it back.IMG_6849

And you, I see how you make her happy, both of you have traveled together through a lot of thick and thin already. I’ve noticed and seen how you’ve been so steady, and all this friend could ask for is someone to make Melanie, my Duckadee, this happy.

Duckadee, you know how much I love you, we always say words cannot express it enough. Our friendship is not one I will ever take for granted, and I can only be thankful again for you on this new day.

And today, you have both made pIMG_6834romises to one another-promises to continue the journey you’ve already begun together. So blessings, love, and my prayers surround you. I love you both, congratulations, and cheers to you two!



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