Dear Duckadee

“Some friends play at friendship but a true friend sticks closer than one’s nearest kin.” Proverbs 18:24
“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up the other…” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

“If you’re lost, you can look, and you will find me, time after time.” Cyndi Lauper

In a little less than one month from now, my best friend of 21 years (we met when we were 14 years old!) is going to get married. I’m her maid of honor, and I am beyond thrilled to be able to celebrate this special day IMG_6037with her. I have been waiting for this day since we were young. I wanted to write and reflect on how I’m feeling about it all now before the whirl and twirl of it all consumes me and then it’s over and done.

I know that friends come and go, and the title of “best friend” depends on the phase of life sometimes. Sometimes friends have a falling out and then a reinstatement, and sometimes they enter only for a little while.

But God really blessed me with a consistent and long lasting friendship over these many years with Melanie… my Duckadee. I am pretty sure she knows me better than anyone else I know in terms of our mutual sharing. I can be completely and 100% unfiltered and unafraid with her, and trust that no matter what, she will love me and always have my back. It’s such a gift to have someone in your life like that.

Anyway, the best way I know how to reflect and write sometimes is in “letter form” to that person. So that’s what I’m going to do… so I can remember this particular time in our friendship.

Dear Duckadee Ann,
HOLY CRAP, you’re going to get married in a matter of weeks! Right now I’m feeling sentimental and wanting to remember this time in a special way, so here I am writing a blog post letter to you. Very Chickadee-esk, right, Duckie? 

But really, wow! I need you to know how super happy I am for you. I know you’re feeling crazy with all the last minute wedding details and wishing for your routine life again, but I know in my heart that all of this madness will be worth it for you on the big day. Even more than that, I’m so happy to know that you are wishing for that “routine” life that has included Colby over the last few years. That says so much about your love for each other and for this public vow you guys will share together.

We have been through so much over the years, especially in terms of all the highs and lows of navigating different relationships and heartaches. I really do believe it was a “God thing” that after all of these years, you and I will end up getting married within 7 months of each other. Seriously, we could NOT have predicted that after all we’ve been through! I feel like our junior high girlish dreams are coming true…we’re still best friends, and we get to stand next to each other on our wedding days! Not only that, our BFF days will continue on, and I have no doubt that in this next phase and journey of our lives, our friendship will remain as true as it always has been.

The two verses and the song lyric at the beginning of this post probably describe best how I feel about our friendship, Duckadee. You are truly the friend that is like another sister to me. Throughout the years, our friendship has proven to me that two is truly better than one because so many times, we have lifted one another up when one has fallen. And finally, some folks might think it’s funny, but even Marion knows that “Time after time” is the song that will always makes me think of you and us.

I love ya, Duckadee. I’m praying for you in these days. I can’t wait to see you soon and very soon! I always say this, but thank you for being such an incredible friend to me always. You’re the bestest. 

Your one and only Chickadee


Chickadee and Duckadee. BFF’s.