I’m engaged!

“God has made everything beautiful in its time.” 
(Ecclesiastes 3:11a)

“Tell the world that we finally got it all right… I choose you.” 
(Sara Bareilles, “I Choose You”)


On December 31st, 2014, Marion Lee proposed to me… and I said YES!

I was SO surprised. I had no idea it was coming yesterday like that. Everyone else seems to feel like it was obvious, but honestly, if you know the man I’m going to marry, he is NOT a planner or organized person, so even as we drove to San Francisco to have a “play it by ear” kind of final day of 2014 and even as we got to Baker Beach to picnic on some cheese and crackers, I just didn’t see this coming.

Now granted, he had pretty much convinced me that he wasn’t ready to propose quite yet, which I accepted (of course with some sadness)…but I knew we would get married someday and that certainty I felt in my bones through prayer and our love for each other and each other’s quirks stayed firm.

So after dipping our toes into the freezing cold water and taking cheesy selfies and pictures of our shadows together on a gorgeous San Francisco day, when he took my hands and started telling me about how he has felt since he met me, I honestly thought he was just being sentimental and recapping his 2014.

He did a really good job at convincing me that he wasn’t ready to propose because even when he pulled out a box from his jacket, I was still confused and bewildered… and it wasn’t until he started repeating himself nervously that I realized what was happening.10837994_10152663206312266_3965575746931245156_o

And with tears and a full heart, when he got down on one knee and opened the box and asked me to marry him, I was filled with so many wonderful emotions. And of course, I said YES.

You see, I never really thought I needed or wanted a proposal like that… but honestly, when Marion got down on one knee, it was the positioning of himself in this posture of humility and openness that really took me back. I never really associated it with that, but that’s what hit me at that moment.

If you know me well, you know that I’m a giver. I will do anything for the people that I love, and over and over, in my past relationships, I did everything I could to give and give… and give. In fact, I gave to the point where it was to the relationship’s own detriment.

Marion would say that he’s selfish, but the truth is, he has been so selfless with me. He has given and shared and supported me from the beginning. He has given and given and given to me. And as someone who is a giver, learning how to receive as well as give has been OUR greatest gift together.

Okay, so back to quick details of the engagement…

After the hugging and kissing and “wow” moment, I had mentioned earlier that on this 10842261_10152663206552266_4379062470713087854_ogorgeous day it would be nice to have a third person or a friend with us to get some good pictures of us… Marion mentioned that to me and then pointed to two of his best friends who had been there taking pictures all along! I was so surprised! What a gift!

So special thanks and shout out to Stephen Hsu and Erick Lukman for the pictures and for being there! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I have the moment documented in photos!

As someone who got engaged at 34 years old, I am not going to write any sayings here that I hated hearing when I was single (i.e. when you find the right one, you’ll just know it! or God is just preparing the right person for you). The truth is, I don’t understand it, and at the same time, it all makes perfect beautiful sense to be with this particular man.

I want to joke and say that Marion was definitely NOT the man of my dreams (haha)-but he is perfect for me, and we have felt so blessed by one another and give thanks to God every day together for that.

So there you have it. That’s the story!


Thank you for everyone who has shown us love and support and prayed for us… please continue to pray for us and send us good happy vibes as we plan for a wedding!

HOLY CRAP! I’m engaged!!!






7 thoughts on “I’m engaged!

  1. Oh, Irene, I am so very deeply happy for you both!!! =) What a wonderful way to start out the new year!!! Many many blessings this year as you plan out your lives together!

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