Odd and wondrous…

“The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.”
Job 1:21

I have a moment right now to pause and reflect on my past week that has felt like a whirlwind. In doing so, no wonder my emotions are a bit confused and yet, I feel awed.

This past week, I went to committee meetings as we gear up for a new season in the life of the church… I met & prayed with volunteers & leaders about the upcoming year for our youth group and brainstormed ideas for what it can be… I prayed & talked with someone whose daughter has cancer… I had lunch with a soon to be empty nester parent & her daughter… I assisted in leading a half day Session retreat with new and continuing elders and talked shop and dreamed about how we can stretch ourselves… and then as soon as I stepped in the door,  I got a phone call & went directly to the hospital to be with a family as they took their father off of life support. Yes, I was in the room and watched a man take his final breaths. It was only his nuclear family in the room–and myself who was invited to be in that space and pray and be present. Wow.

And today, I assist in worship in the ordination and installing of deacons and elders for the church.

That was just one week.

They say it’s an odd and wondrous calling…and truly, that’s what it is. I am truly humbled, awed, confused, and thankful.


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