“Enjoy the Ride”

“I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly.”
John 10:10

A few weeks ago, my head of staff asked the leaders of the church to think about what their theme or motto would be for the New Year. What would your bumper sticker say for 2013?

I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks—what would my motto or bumper sticker say?

I’m currently on a church Snow Retreat at Zephyr Point at Lake Tahoe, and instead of filling today with activities, I decided I would take the time to walk, enjoy the beautiful creation, read, and write. This was the morning view I awoke to, taken from my room:


Yes. It was that amazing.

I spent a solid 30 minutes later sitting on the pier looking out onto the lake and the mountains—praying and thinking—and my theme/motto came to me.

“Enjoy the ride.”

You see, life is AMAZING right now. One year ago, I found out that I was going to be unemployed and wondering if I would be able to find another call without having to move in with my parents while I waited. I was struggling through a relationship that I cared about deeply, but wasn’t going anywhere. I fell off the fitness and health track that I had taken years to build up to… and although life is nowhere I imagined it to be at 32 years old, life is incredibly good to me right now.

I have officially transitioned into full-time at a new church and a new calling that is different, challenging, and yet growing me into the pastor God has called me to be. My colleague and the leadership are incredibly supportive. I am single and still going through the sometimes agonizing steps of dating, but it doesn’t feel urgent to me anymore—and I realize that a life of singlehood right now is also very fulfilling for me. My health and fitness is back on track and in full force. I am training for my first half-marathon, and the other night, I ran 5 miles like it was something I do regularly. I found a before picture of myself, and was surprised at how I still feel like the same basic person—happy and confident—and yet shocked at how different I look physically. Check it out!

before and after


You know, God has guided me through lots of ups and downs—and I’m not saying there won’t be downs this year…but instead of overthinking everything and wondering why and perhaps at times feeling unworthy of it all—gosh dangit, I’m going to enjoy the ride that I’ve been given this year.

Here’s to 2013—a new year. My opportunity to take enjoy the life that has been given to me, without question.


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