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Last week during my training, two amazing things happened.

One of the days we were to run 3 miles. Believe it or not, in my head, I was RELIEVED to “only” have to run 3 miles! I didn’t realize the oddity of me saying this until my wonderful friend Abby texted me that day for some accountability to run. We were feeling stressed and anxious and I replied to her: “Running will help. I’m freaking out today, which is why I’m going to run now. It’s only 3 miles today. You can do it!”

Her reply: “‘Only’ three miles… look at us!'”

I laughed for a long time. Because she’s right! Just 4-5 months ago, I was training for a 5K (3.2miles) and was panting and out of breath after a minute or two of running. I was nervous about running 3 miles, and here I am now training for a half-marathon! AMAZING.

The next amazing thing that happened was in the same day. I was determined to try and run those 3 miles as hard as I possibly could. After I warmed up, I started running, and I FELT slow…

But guess what?!

I finished 3 miles in just under 30 minutes!!! The first 2 miles I managed to do in 10 minutes and a few seconds, and I think that accomplishment gave me the kick in the pants to run that last mile a bit more quickly than I normally would have done. As I finished the 3 miles and heard the 29 minutes and 40 seconds on my app speak to me, it felt GLORIOUS. AMAZING!

I’m so thankful that my body is able–and I’m ever more thankful that all of this training is side by side for a great cause–for a great woman–and for many more who are determined and relentless to live.

I will be relentless as I continue to train. I’d love your support to help me reach my goal as I continue to train!
I would love your financial support to help me reach my goal! Any amount helps!
You can click on this link to donate:


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